• Exterior

    Swept-back, elongated headlamps and long, flowing character lines are signature elements of the "fluidic sculpture" design theme.
  • Interior

    The Elantra sets new standards in interior design, proving once again why leadership in compact car design has been the foundation of Hyundai's reputation.
  • Performance

    Elantra engines and transmissions boast major engineering improvements. They’re made of lightweight aluminum and incorporate such exotic new technologies as Continuously Variable Valve Timing for minimal fuel consumption and emissions and more power.
  • Safety

    Hyundai engineers were uncompromising in designing the Elantra's active and passive safety systems.
  • Convenience

    A private oasis of comfort and relaxation, the Elantra offers every amenity and convenience you'd expect.
Turn heads, before even getting out of the carAssertive, sporty, elegant. This is what the Elantra says with its curves, swept-back headlamps, a hood with serious character and an extra-wide front bumper.
Luxury beckons. Come and make yourself at homeThe interior design is roomy, comfy and confident, setting new industry standards for the basic layout of a car and the execution of details.
Electronic stability control (ESC)ESC continuously monitors vehicle directional stability and tyre traction. If the system senses the car is about to skid and risks spinning out of control, ESC automatically intervenes to apply the brakes over individual wheels to prevent the loss of directional control. VSM(Vehicle Stability Manage ...
Supervision cluster with 3.5" OLED displayThe supervision cluster (option), with its high-tech design, adopts an OLED display that is clearer than the conventional dot-type display for increased readability and information delivery.
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