• Exterior

    In the language of "fluidic sculpture," the AZERA conveys power, grace and confidence.
  • Interior

    The conversation continues inside, with an effortless elegance, sweeping lines and charming contrasts.
  • Performance

    Fuel efficient and environmentally conscious yet with luxuries to indulge in. It's an engineering masterpiece anyone can enjoy.
  • Safety

    A rigid shell, multiple airbags and crash avoidance innovation keep you safe. Finally, a car that's a step ahead of you.
  • Convenience

    The Azera boasts all the amenities discerning luxury car buyers have come to expect, plus a few unexpected extras guaranteed to delight.
Like auto royalty, the Azera commands authorityStrong hood lines and a voluminous bumper make a dramatic first impression. An elegantly sculpted wing-shaped radiator grille, reminiscent of an aircraft, not only looks regal, but allows for dynamic driving with its enhanced engine-cooling function.
It’s the best seat in the house – one built with you in mind.The driver’s seat was designed and engineered to ensure your comfort, convenience and efficiency.
Electronic stability control (ESC) takes you where you meant to goElectronic stability control (ESC) is a system that compares a driver’s desired course of direction with the actual direction to help guide the vehicle according to the driver’s intentions. It is particularly effective in stabilizing lateral movement in sudden turns and thereby provides a safer ride ...
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