• Exterior

    A large radiator grille in front improves cooling performance and creates a dynamic, sporty look. The newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels, headlamps and rear lamps convey power, agility and readiness.
  • Interior

    The convenient and beautiful interior of the Genesis Coupe, created with high-quality materials and a design fit for luxury sports cars, incorporates high-tech and ergonomic elements that enhance the driving experience.
  • Performance

    The Genesis Coupe's ultimate value lies in its exceptional engine power. The 3.8 MPi engine and 2.0 TCi engine - the heart of the car - provide the best power performance in its class. 8-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed transmission make for a ride to remember.
  • Safety

    With safety being the top sports car requirement, six airbags and solid, elaborate frames are designed to protect. A superior brake system will help you stop exactly the way you want.
  • Convenience

    A variety of user-friendly convenient equipment includes everything from a cluster ionizer with deodorizing effect and a defog system with demisting effect to a parking sensor for convenient parking. Diverse options mean more convenient driving..
More powerful presenceExtensive changes were made to the front to take on a much more aggressive stance and display an image of power and agility.
A stylish lookThe convenient and beautiful interior was designed for the sports car enthusiast in you. High-tech and ergonomic elements make your moments in the car even better.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to keep you on courseThanks to ESC and ABS, you will no longer lose directional stability due to icy road conditions or asymmetrical traction where traction is unevenly distributed among the wheels. ESC and ABS maintain your intended driving path by simultaneously applying the brakes and momentarily reducing power deliv ...
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